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Bed Buying Tips For You

Your bedroom should be a haven – a respite from the stresses of everyday life. The bed you want will dictate the overall look and feel of your bedroom because it is the natural focal point of the house. We’ve compiled a list of all the various kinds of beds and bed frames so you can choose the right one for your rest and relaxation needs.

Types of Beds

Bed frames are available in a variety of designs:

Standard: The headboard and footboard are usually bookended by small support beams that are placed low to the ground. This style of bed requires box springs.

Platform: For a platform bed, a box spring isn’t necessary. The platform bed frame is supported by the mattress. Several closely spaced slats, level with the platform’s top, protect the mattress. Platform beds come usually without a footboard and are minimalist in design.

Simple Bed Frame: A flatbed frame without a headboard and footboard is one of the most common mattress foundations available. A box spring may be required depending on the design. To see if it’s needed, check the product description of the product. Legs carry a flat panel of support beams in these frames.

Bed Designs

Panel: A flat panel headboard comes standard with this bed. A similar flat panel footboard is included with some panel bed frames. This no-frills bed frame is available in a range of fabrics and designs.

Wingback: Two decorative side panels protrude from either side of a wingback headboard. The wingback is a simple upgrade to your bed that adds a layer of design and comfort.

Slat: The headboard and/or footboard of a slat headboard are composed of vertical or horizontal slats or rails. Metal slat beds evoke a retro rustic or farmhouse appearance, while wooden slat beds look more clean-cut and fresher.

Bookcase: Built-in shelves and other storage elements in bookcase beds allow you to access things without having to get out of bed.

Four-Poster: The decorative posts that come up from each corner of the bed frame are what distinguishes four-poster beds. The posts range in height from a few inches above the mattress to almost ceiling height. Simpler styles are just as grand as ornate posts, which add a rustic, regal touch.

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