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How To Use Bed Storage

If you make the most of the space under a bed, it can be one of the most useful secret storage areas in the house. The trick to success is to make it as orderly as possible. The safest approach is to store everything under your bed in plastic bins and to ensure that nothing is placed without a designated storage area. Here are some of the best storage ideas:

What to Store Under Your Bed?

The benefit of keeping things under your bed is that they are close by and accessible, but they are also hidden. This means it doesn’t have to be pretty or match your decor; you can store your belongings in just about anything that fits. However, since this is an enclosed space with easy access, consider storing items here that you wish to keep safe and have access to on a daily or seasonal basis. This might include:

  • Luggage: When you’re not travelling, you should store items in your suitcases and just set them aside.
  • Linens: Store a spare collection of sheets and pillowcases under your bed.
  • Shoes: Keep only your most-worn shoes in your wardrobe and store the ones you don’t wear as often under your bed.
  • Out-of-season clothing: This feels like a no-brainer when your bed is next to your clothes wardrobe. Anything heavy, such as sweaters or ski jackets, cannot be stored because they take up so much space.

What to Store Under Children’s Beds?

Since kids have so much stuff, it makes sense to use the room under their beds to store their belongings. It will allow them to maintain their room themselves if you work with them to arrange it properly. The following items fit well under children’s beds:

  • Toys
  • Books
  • Puzzles and games
  • Out-of-season clothing

What to Store Under the Guest Room Bed?

Since the guest room also serves as a storage area in most houses, you can get very creative with it. This is a perfect spot to stash things like:

  • Guest bed linens and towels
  • Art or hobby supplies
  • Gift wrap and greeting cards
  • Physical media, such as blu-rays or video games

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