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Storage Hacks for Your Home

Homeowners often come across some unique storage needs for their homes. Perhaps, you have a large stack of mostly old books, or maybe you have that one box from your grandma’s house taking up space in the attic.

If you, too, find yourself constantly outgrowing storage spaces, you can try two things – stick to multi-use storage solutions (a plastic shoebox bin comes to mind) or try to use what you already have to reorganize and store your stuff.

While you don’t have to reinvent the storage solution wheel, you can always find new ways and clever storage solutions for different problem areas.

Hang Your Chip Bags on Wire Shelves Using Clothes Hangers

Can’t find a chip clip? Just use two clothespins to seal and hang them from any standard wire pants hangers. This hack will not only keep your chips tightly sealed but will also help you save space to store other things underneath the bags on the actual shelf part.

Stick Storage Bins on The Inside of Your Bathroom Cabinets

Doors are some of the most underutilized storage spaces. You can simply add storage bins to the inside of your bathroom cabinet doors for items you need to grab often like, hair straighteners, hairbrushes, or styling products.

Use Lazy Susans to Prevent Pantry Overcrowding

Tired of leaving empty, unused spaces in the middle of all your cabinets? Transform this ‘no-man’s’ land into an efficient storage spot with a lazy Susan. Easily store and access condiments, sauces, or even cutlery with just a few turns.

Hang a Silverware Organizer on Walls to Store Your Jewelry

Has an old drawer organizer lain around? Add a few mug hooks on the inside of the compartments, mount it onto your wall, and voila, you have a new jewelry organizer! You can use this to stash your necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry.

Stash Away Your Christmas Ornaments in Egg Cartons

Small Christmas ornaments can easily fit in egg cartons. This hack helps keep them separated from each other while providing extra cushioning and security.

Store Baking Sheets Vertically Using Tension Rods

Stacking cookware ends up accumulating too much precious storage space. Try using tension rods to create slots in your kitchen cabinets to store muffin tins, baking sheets, and serving platters vertically.

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