Streaming Devices that Suit Your Budget

We live in an entertainment age dominated by streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Playstation Vue. If you’ve already been considering saying goodbye to the cable cord, you know you’re going to need a streaming device or screen for your content. At the same time, shopping for a good streaming device can be overwhelming, with the different features, formats and compatibility specifications. We’ve rounded up a few streaming devices that suit every budget.

A Smart TV

If you’re on the market for a new TV anyway, then a smart TV is the way to go. These TVs connect to the internet right away without the help of any additional devices. TVs from Samsung and LG have customized interfaces so that you can stream without the extra steps. Roku TVs such as those by TCL, Insignia, and Sharp have built-in streaming devices.

Plug and Play Devices

This is a device that you plug into your regular TV that helps connect it to the internet. Consider options by Roku or Google Chromecast, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. Roku makes remotes that you can operate but for Google Chromecast, you can use your phone to cast, fast forward or browse shows to watch.

Video Game Consoles

Shop for consoles that have streaming capabilities. This is a cost-effective option if there are multiple gamers in one family. Good options on the market include new models of Playstation, Xbox and the Nintendo Switch. Make sure the gaming console supports the streaming service you use. Nintendo Switch has an app for Hulu, but not Netflix.

Mobile Devices

If you already have a smartphone or a tablet, simply download the apps for your streaming services to enjoy your content on the go.

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