Top Summer Vacation Spots for Seniors

We all wait for summer vacations, irrespective of age. It feels exciting to get out, especially after a long and cold  winter season. As a senior citizen, it is even more important to have a refreshing summer vacation. In order to do so,  you may need to find senior-friendly vacation destinations. If you don’t have a bucket list already, check out these senior-friendly vacation destinations. 

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is known to be a place for people of all ages, races, educational and socioeconomic levels. There’s more to Vegas than just the gambling and magic shows. You can enjoy the endless amount of picturesque landscapes and beautiful hotels. What makes this spectacular place more enjoyable is the kind of safety it offers, thanks to a high police presence. This is particularly important for seniors.

Washington D.C.

The capital of the United States is a place to visit, no matter what time of the year it is. However, summer months offer the convenience of sightseeing and since you can easily walk around to different places, your trip becomes more affordable. Washington D.C. is a historical city and has an exciting aura around the Fourth of July. If you’re a history buff, this can be a great place to explore. Even if you’re not, you can discover many cultures and cuisines in D.C. Additionally, it is a very safe place to visit. 

Baltimore, Maryland

This place might come as a surprise to many, but a new tide is turning in Baltimore. The violence in the city is known to have cooled down, after an improved relationship between the community, the police and the local government. More importantly, Baltimore has never been a city that’s associated with crimes against  seniors. In addition, the city has historical ships, architecture, niche boutiques and amazing restaurants on offer. If you’re a sports enthusiast, you’re definitely in for a treat as several professional sports teams are located in Baltimore.

Orlando, Florida

Would you rather relax by the ocean during your summer vacation? Then, Orlando is the perfect place for you. Popular beaches like Coco and Daytona are only a short drive away from the city. Because of a heavy influx of tourists, the cops are on patrol throughout, making it a safe place to visit. Sunscreen lotion, sunglasses and your beachwear is pretty much all t you need in Florida.

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