An Easy Way to Get the Latest Samsung Smartphone

Samsung Financing gives you an easy way to get their best phone.

Objects of Desire

The latest Samsung phones with their incredible cameras, sleek bodies, and power-packed features are certainly drool-worthy. Their prices, however, are likely to cause nosebleeds. But since you want one anyway, and Samsung wants to help you buy it. Samsung Financing offers you $0 down payment with convenient terms up to 36 months at 0% APR.  Here’s how to apply:

Apply for Financing

Choose the phone you want, and at checkout, choose Samsung Financing. Follow the steps they laid out, and you could get an approval in a few seconds. And this doesn’t just apply to their flagship phone. You can choose to finance any order of $49 or more.

Pay Installments

Every month you will receive monthly billing statements. These will contain your plan details and payment due dates. Please ensure that you maintain enough balance in your bank account before the due date to avoid penalties.

Use It Again

Your account is loaded with a revolving line of credit. So you can use it for any Samsung product you want to buy next. Whether it’s a TV, phone, or an appliance, you can finance it with Samsung.


Samsung Financing powers a Samsung Upgrade Program that allows you to buy new devices from time to time.

You can purchase a new Galaxy smartphone every 12 months with this program. After you buy your first phone, you can exercise the option to upgrade to the latest phone after 12 months with credit for up to 50% of the original price. Remember that your original device must be returned in good condition.

If you buy a Samsung TV, you could switch to the latest cutting-edge Samsung TV every two years with the Samsung TV Upgrade Program. Up to 33% of your current TV’s price will be applied every time your upgrade.

Samsung Financing isn’t limited to smartphones and TVs only. You can also buy computer monitors, computing devices, home appliances like refrigerators and microwaves, tablets, wearables, and other smart home devices.

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