Car Rental Secrets That You Need to Know

Read these before you book your rental

Car rental is an important aspect of most vacations. Check these important tips to get the best deals:


Think about renting a car as if you’re shopping for a new car. Every dealership will offer something different. Some will have lower prices; others will offer different incentives to new customers while others may prefer returning customers. Plan ahead and use a comparison tool like booking buddy or car rentals to compare all agencies and pick one that suits your requirements.

Reward Programs and Coupons

Car rental companies can offer perks and benefits if you join their programs. Most programs are free to join and offer discounts on car seats and extra drivers. You could also get free vehicle upgrades and front-of-the-line pick-up privileges. If it’s free and there’s no requirement that you rent periodically, there’s no harm in joining. Also, check for coupons on Retail Me Not that offers discounts of about 60% to unlimited mileage offers and a lot more.

Leave the Airport

Airports are convenient, but rental agencies there may charge extra fees. These may be hidden under titles like concession recovery charges or customer facility charges. You could cab it to your hotel and rent a car from there. Check with the concierge about where you can rent a vehicle, and they will help you.

Check for Hidden Fees

Check the gas gauge when you rent your car and remember to fill it to at least the same level when you return the car. You could use the pre-purchase option the rental company offers if you don’t want to worry about this and want to pick up the car with a full tank of gas. Then you can return it on fumes if you want. Another way you could be charged more is if you reduce the number of days you’re using the car. If you book it for a week and need to return it in three, they will mostly increase your daily rate.

Skip the Insurance

Check if your regular car insurance can cover your car rental as well. Your credit card may also offer car rental insurance. But your credit card may offer only secondary coverage that will only cover what your primary insurance does not. So if your insurance covers rental, don’t sign up for insurance with the rental agency.

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