The Best Cheap Car Insurance Today

We analyze the best companies for you.

Car insurance is based on many factors. We put them all together to help you save as much money as possible on car insurance.

Best for Safe Drivers: Travelers Insurance

If you are a responsible, experienced driver with a clean record, car insurance will be quite reasonable for you. Safe drivers are considered a safe bet by insurance companies. If they believe you won’t file claims, they’ll keep your premiums low. With Travelers Insurance, safe drivers can save an average of $586 on premiums.

Best for Discounts: GEICO

An insurance company that offers a wide range of discounts can also help you save a lot of money. GEICO provides a lot of discount options as compared to other major insurance companies. GEICO actually offers about 20 unique discounts that range from 25% to 40% for using airbags and 15% off if the car you’re insuring was bought new and is now less than five years old.

Best Driving Habit Discount Program: Nationwide

Nationwide’s SmartRide offers a generous discount program that allows you to save up to 40% of your premium costs. It even offers a 5% discount just for signing up. This program requires you to install a small device in your vehicle that records your driving habits. Depending on these measurements, your discount is calculated per week.

Best Rates for Accident History: State Farm

If you have a clean record, which means you have no violations or accidents on record, you can get the best insurance rates on the market. State Farm offers car owners a wide range of discounts, which can easily be checked on the company website. But, a great thing about State Farm is its vast network of local insurance agents. So you can meet one, sit down with them, understand the requirements, and maximize your discounts.

The Best Option for Poor Credit: Liberty Mutual

Most companies reserve the best rates for customers who have a great credit history, a good credit score as they believe these people to be more financially responsible and safer to insure. Liberty Mutual is one of the few companies that keep its rate almost constant even for customers with not-so-great credit scores. If you have poor credit, then Liberty Mutual is probably going to offer you the cheapest insurance rates.

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