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Five Reasons Your Home Workout Trumps the Gym

Sure, the gym is great, but it can get boring (and expensive) really fast. Here are five reasons to stay on top of your fitness right from the comfort of your own home.

You Don’t Have to Wear Earbuds or Headphones

You can just listen to your tunes, podcast or audiobook out loud. Getting rid of earbuds is great if you’re following a workout app or video too.

You Don’t Have to Lug Your Gym Bag Around

All your equipment and your water bottle can be set up right near your workout mat.

You Can Enjoy Your Post-Workout Shower in Your Own Bathroom

I think we can all agree that most locker rooms, gym towels and gym shower cubicles are gross. When you sweat it out at home, it will take you exactly three seconds to hop into your own clean, private shower.

You Can Make Do without Fancy Gym Equipment

Unless you’re into serious lifting, a resistance band, a bench, free weights that go up a few levels are all you need. You can find some challenging bodyweight workouts online that can easily be done from home.

You Can Get Creative with Your Equipment

When you have only a little equipment, you will have to look up creative ways to use it to maximize your muscle movement. This means you’ll be educating yourself about your workout which will lead to more commitment and greater investment in your health.

You Can Break up Your Workouts

If you’re having a really busy day, a home workout can be split up into 10 to 15-minute segments. Slipping exercise into a hectic day is an effective way to stay active without assigning a chunk of time to a workout

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