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How to Remove Sunscreen Stains from Your Swim Suits!

Spending time at the seaside or by the pool on sunny days is a fun activity that most people look forward to in summer.

It’s such a fantastic way to relieve yourself of stress, tan your skin, and ultimately spend time with family and loved ones – especially with your spouse and the kids.

In the hurry to get into the water, it’s not unusual to splatter sunscreen all over your swimsuit. Over time, these stains accumulate and start to form colored patches on your swimsuits.

If you don’t take steps to remove them, they will    make your swimsuit unfit for wear.

So, how do you get rid of sunscreen stains? Sunscreen often leaves orange or rust-colored stains.This is mostly due to the presence of “avobenzone,” an active ingredient that is known to react with Iron in (hard) water – hence, the rust color.

Rinse After Each Wear

It is advisable to rinse your swimsuit after every use; this way, there won’t be an accumulation of stains.

When you eventually have time to give your swimsuit a proper wash, here are simple steps you should adopt to achieve the best results and action on the stains.

Pre-Treat Stains

Don’t just throw the stained swimsuit into the wash. Apply a special spot-treatment solution (using a soft-bristled brush) on areas of the swimsuit where the stain is most visible. Pay more attention to the straps, the thigh (band), the top and bottom bands of a bandeau, and the waistband.

Get A Bath for Your Swimsuit

Swimsuits are made with soft materials that may lose their firmness after continuous washing. They even become slack quickly when you regularly use a washing machine. If you must use a washing machine, ensure that the cycles are as gentle as possible.

Now, apply the right amount of detergent or washing solution and wash on the usual cycle.

Once the washing is done, unload the swimsuits from the washing machine and dry them. If you still notice any sign of stains, repeat the process until it comes off.

Like we mentioned earlier, a proper hand-wash is more effective in combating stubborn sunscreen stains.

Why Are Sunscreen Stains Hard to Get Rid Of?

Sunscreen stains are not different from oil stains, and they are difficult to remove entirely. The best way to deal with stains is to prevent them from coming in contact with your clothes. You could wait a few minutes after applying sunscreen (to let it dry) before wearing your swimsuit.

The orange, rusty stains are even harder to get rid of because of the chemical reactions between the sunscreen ingredient (avobenzene) and hard water.

So, if you live in an area with hard water, you should opt for a sunscreen that doesn’t contain avobenzene.

Hopefully, this post has shed more light on how best to remove sunscreen stains from your swimsuits and what sunscreens you should avoid if you have hard water in your area.

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