Keep Your Laptop Clean

Your laptop is full of dust. Do you know what that does to it? It clogs the fans and vents and causes heat sinks and stops your laptop from cooling down properly. The heat can cause hardware damage. The clogged dust and the heat will cause your laptop’s fans to run at full blast and drain the battery. You could even lose performance because your laptop is trying to stay cool. Here’s how you should clean it.

If You Can’t Open It Up

Manufacturers make laptops hard to open. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on cleaning them. So first take it someplace where you don’t mind getting dusty. We’d recommend covering your eyes, nose, and mouth to prevent dust from getting in. Then get a can of compressed air and point it at the laptop’s cooling vents. Give it a few short bursts. The jets should loosen some dust, and it should escape from the vents. It isn’t ideal, but under the circumstances, it’ll have to do.

Be careful, though. If the compressed air blast directly hits a cooling fan, you could cause it to spin too quickly. Hence, no long bursts. Only short ones with pauses in between.

If You Can Open It Up

If you received a manual with your laptop, check it or go online to find a service manual for your laptop model. Switch it off, remove the battery, and unscrew the bottom panel to get to the laptop’s insides. A service manual will provide the details of how to do this safely. Check if this voids your laptop’s warranty. If it does, then don’t open it up. If it doesn’t, or you don’t care, move on. Again, hopefully, you’re someplace where it’s okay to blow dust, and you’ve got your eyes, nose, and face covered. Use a can of compressed air to blow the dust out of the laptop. Make sure you blow it out and not just make it move around inside. Try blowing it towards the vents. Don’t let the fans spin too quickly, or you could damage them. Use short bursts with pauses from different angles. Once you’re done, screw on the panel and plug in the battery. Now for the moment of truth. Switch your laptop back on and hope it does. When it does, it should run cooler, and the fan should make less noise.

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