Make Your Smart Home Child Friendly

These gadgets will make it easy

Digital friends: A smart speaker is usually the first smart product people buy for their home. The market leaders in this category are the Amazon Echo and Google Home. These smart speakers serve as voice-controlled smart device controllers. They connect to several compatible devices around your house. What makes them great for kids is that these speakers are programmed to answer questions. They can help with homework by answering questions about facts. They can also perform simple math calculations involving addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, square roots, and integers. Amazon offers a kids trivia game that integrates with Alexa, and Google has a fun list of commands that you can try.

Smart bulbs: Banish the dark with smart bulbs. There are many available on the market, and your options are only limited by how much you want to spend. A Philips Hue lighting system may cost a bit more, but it can make bedtime amazing with its color-changing lights. A cost-effective option would be an individual LiFX or TP-Link bulb that can be installed in an existing lamp or light fixture. These lights can be set on a schedule so they can switch themselves off after the kids fall asleep.

Sleep monitor: If you believe that the smart bulb won’t help your kids fall asleep, then here’s a more involved option. The REMI sleep companion from Urban Hello is a cute gadget that starts nap or bedtime routines with lights, music, and alerts. Its display is a clock and serves as a night light too. If you choose to, you can use the REMI to record the sound of your child sleeping and keep a sleep diary that tracks their nighttime habits. It has Bluetooth capability so it can be used as a speaker and also a walkie-talkie in case your kids need to speak to you.

Homework focus: Circle by Disney is a smart way to monitor internet activity around the house. It can cut off internet access during certain hours, it also discreetly keeps tabs on what people are up to online and how much time they’re spending in front of a screen. It also monitors cellular activity. Everything is controlled from one app installed on one device, which will be used to monitor everything. The Circle with Disney Parental Control can be bought on Amazon for $99.

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