Smart Gadgets for Senior Safety

Make life for your loved ones more secure with smart home technology.

Smart Home Hub: For optimum function, individual smart home products need to be on the same system. For this, a smart home assistant like Amazon Echo or Google Home may do the job. It will be the one device that links all the smart home products and enables voice control for most of them. For many seniors, being able to switch products on and off with voice commands may be more intuitive than managing their apps. So check which hub device is compatible with the products you need before you buy them.

Smart Home Sensor: Smart home sensors are a great way to balance giving seniors their independence while ensuring they get the level of care they need. These sensors usually have components that make it easy for seniors to call for help during an emergency. They also help track current activities, e.g., how often the individual moves through some rooms or how often they open the refrigerator. In case these patterns change, loved ones receive an alert from the system.

Smart Lights: The biggest cause of injury among senior citizens is falling. Good lighting at home can help mitigate fall risk for older loved ones at home. Smart lighting can ensure they never have to walk across a room for a light switch. These lights can be switched on and off with a voice command or a smartphone app. In case they need to move around at night, they won’t have to fumble in the dark.

Smart Medication Dispensers: MedMinder and Reminder Rosie are smart medication dispensers that ensure that your loved ones get the right pills at the right time of the day, every single day. Some even alert you in case they fail to take their meds on time so you can contact them directly about it.

Smart Stove Shutoff: Everyone forgets to do this from time to time, and seniors even more so. These smart stove shutoff products automatically turn off your stove if it’s been left on too long. Some have a simple timer; others have a smoke alarm connected shutoff or a motion detector that senses when you’re in the room and even a phone alert to let you know that the stove has been on for too long.

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