The Family Internet Guide

Family internet plans are continually being updated. We bring you a list of the best plans you can buy right now in 2020.

Overall Winner: T-Mobile Magenta Family Plan

How much: $140 per month

What you get: A four-line family plan with unlimited high-speed data, unlimited hotspot use at 3G speeds, unlimited calling and text to and from Canada, Mexico, and 200 other international destinations, free inflight texting, and a free Netflix account. Each line also gets 5GB data in Canada and Mexico.

This plan is usually sold for $70 per month, which makes the cost for four lines $280 per month. The family plan saves you $140 per month. It is, however, more expensive than other unlimited plans.

Overall Prepaid Winner: Cricket Wireless Unlimited Plan (Multi-line)

How much: $100 per month

What you get: Unlimited talk, unlimited text, and unlimited data. It also offers unlimited talk and text to and from Mexico and Canada with unlimited data in both countries. You also get good network coverage.

The catch is that the data speeds run at about 3 Mbps. Just for reference, 7 Mbps is considered to be a fast internet speed. So as long as you don’t rely on this data connection for entertainment, you should be fine. The other downside is that you have to pay for hotspot use.

Value Plan Winner: Red Pocket Family Plan

How much: $90 per month

What you get: Each line gets 5 GB LTE data, after which speeds drop, but there’s no data limit. You also get unlimited domestic talk and text and international calling to over 70 countries.

To get these plans at this price, you need to bring your own device. It also works if you or your family don’t need extras or are okay with limited data. There’s also no mobile hotspot in this plan.

Perks Plan Winner: Unlimited AT&T

How much: $200 per month

What you get: Four lines with unlimited cell phone service and data. You also get an HBO subscription, 30GB hotspot, roaming in Mexico and Canada, unlimited text to over 120 countries, and everything you need to stay up-to-date with pop-culture.

It’s a great plan for the family that consumes a lot of content and would like HBO and cell service from one spot. Individually the plan costs $85 per month, so with the family plan, you’re saving just under $140 per month on four lines.

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