Old Car Tires: What to Do With Them?

Getting rid of old tires can be slightly problematic. Garbage trucks won’t pick them up, and waste haulers won’t accept them in dumpsters either. That’s why you need to plan on what to do with them, lest they lie in the corner of your garage, gathering dust and hosting rats, for years to come.


Across the country, there are specialized recycling organizations that recycle old tires. Some will even come over and pick them up. Whether you drop them off or have them picked up, there’s usually a small recycling fee. We recommend just paying the fee unless you want to keep the tires and use them yourself. The recycling center may send the old tires to be turned into fuel, paving material, mulch, and other things. In case you plan to haul a large stash of old tires, check state regulations as some need you to have a license to do so.

Find a tire recycler:

– Use earth911 dot com to locate a recycling center

– Call your local recycling center and see if they accept tires

– Ask your regional EPA office for tire recycling regulations and locations

–  Ask you city services or solid waste department for details

– Search for a community that hosts events to collect tires at a reduced cost or even for free

Ask Your Local Auto Shop

Auto shops sometimes recycle your old tires when you buy new tires from them. Check with them whenever you’re making a purchase. They may charge a small fee and hand them over to an EPA-certified recycler.

Get Creative

If you have old tires at home, you could always have some fun with them. Here are a few DIY options.

– Upcycled tire furniture: Turn your old tire into a side table or a footstool that can be used indoors and outdoors.

– Tire ladder: If you have an existing swing set or a playground, you could use old tires to build a ladder that kids could safely climb for fun.

– Flower planter: Use old tires as a planter for a cute way to display potted plants on your patio. Remember not to plant edible plants as chemicals from the tire could leech into the soil.

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